Exterior Services

Level 1

Time Invested 1-2hrs

This package is focused on getting your vehicle cleaned using proper methods, and getting a nice layer of protection down to guard against UV, love bugs, bird droppings and road debris. Will make future cleaning much easier as well as leaving a nice Shine to the paint.

2 Bucket Exterior Hand Wash

Clay Bar Treatment 

Wet Detailer Xpress Sealant 

(3+ months protection)

Wheels, Tires, Wells, Cleaned & Dressed

Streak Free Windows Inside & Out

Car       XL          XXL

         $149                         $199                         $249


Time Invested 3-6hrs


all words that perfectly describe our most popular exterior detail. Our main focus is removing swirls, halograms, spider webbing and other defects that hinder the clarity of your paint, & then topping it with our Premium Daddy-O Paint Sealant  for long lasting protecting and amazing SHINE!!  All the trim work will be properly conditioned, sealed and protected as well. Freshly detailed wheels,wheel wells, tires, door jambs and sparkling windows top it all off! 

2 Bucket Exterior Hand Wash

Clay Bar Treatment

Single Step Machine Polish

(Removes up to 75% of Swirls)


(6+ months protection)

Door Jambs Cleaned & Sealed

Wheels, Tires, Wells Cleaned & Dressed
Exterior Trim Conditioning

Streak Free Windows Inside & Out

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Car       XL          XXL

$399                      $475                        $599



Our Level 3 exterior detail focuses on complete defect removal. Our goal is to remove any and all defects that we can safely remove from the clear coat. Swirls, scratches, RIDS, etches, etc.  This process is done with many years of training and experience in the field of paint correction. Multiple tools, products and techniques will be used to provide the best in clear coat clarity. We HIGHLY recommend applying one of our Ceramic Coating packages after this level of detail is done to ensure YEARS of protection and scratch resistance. An in-person consultation is required before booking and also a 50% deposit required at the time of booking. 

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Time Invested  30min-1hr

  • Vacuum

  • Wipe Down of Dash, Door Panels, Center Console

  • UV Protectant applied to Dash & Door Panels

  • Streak Free Windows Inside & Out

QUICK- but with QUALITY at top priority.

Our Express interior detail is a very thorough vacuum of the entire interior, carpets seats, door pockets & console area. We then wipe down all surfaces with our Clean & Shine interior conditioner. This will lift dirt and debris away, leaving a very nourished and healthy surface. UV proctection and anti-static will ensure your interior stays cleaner longer! We top it off with crystal clean streak free windows!   This detail is perfect for a very well maintained vehicle,recently detailed or new car prep and is also the highlight of our maintaince services for our existing clients 

Cars    SUV    Full Size

$59                 $79                        $99


Time Invested 3-6hrs

 This is the DETAIL you are looking for.. 

when it comes to interior detailing.  With a wide variety of materials in todays cars, we keep up with proper products and methods of how to clean, condition or restore these materials.  This package we go all out on! Every nook, cranny, & crevice is steam cleaned. Seats to carpets are steam and sanitized . Proper products used to treat stains from ground in dirt, grease, or spills.  All fabrics are then treated with a Ph Neautrilzer to prevent stains from lifting up. All plastic, rubber or leather surfaces are cleaned and conditioned. UV protection and anti-static conditioner will guarantee no greasy dash or door panels! Just clean and healthy surfaces.

All windows are finished with a crystal clear streak free finish. 

  • Vaccum & Trash Removal

  • All Carpets & Cloths Seats Stain Treated & Shampooed

  • Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned

  • ALL crevices including, vents, dash, door pockets, center console, cupholders, etc. cleaned

  • Headliner Spot Cleaned

  • ALL vinyl & plastic interior panels cleaned and dress with ani-static UV protectant

  • Streak Free Windows inside & out

Car     XL        XXL

$199                    $249                       $299

**Prices shown are based on AVERAGE condition vehicles

Additional charges & conditions may apply

**Extra charges WILL apply for excessive dirt,trash, or animal hair removal


Car =bmw

xl = sm suv

xxl = Trucks/FS SUV

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